Since time immemorial, the Kindred, vampires, have stalked their prey, unseen by the mortal masses. Their world is a xenophobic nightmare, populated by tyrannical despots, wildeyed heretics, bloodthirsty rogues and scheming manipulators, all unified by the mysterious curse of vampirism.

And you will join them, to play the lusts of mortals like a violinist plays the strings.

We are a pencil & paper RPG group in Tucson, AZ. We meet every Sunday evening at 5:00pm on the University of Arizona campus at Espresso Art, located at 944 East University Boulevard. The second floor of Espresso Art has private rooms with large tables. The cafe has a great environment for tabletop gaming, and serves great coffee.

Our focus is the campaign setting for Vampire: The Requiem within the World of Darkness (nWoD) universe; however, we pull from other nWoD sourcebooks, too. Some of our players are new to nWoD, and some are even new to RPGs completely. No matter your experience, all people who can contribute positively to the group are welcome.

If you’re interested, please send me a message! You can also send me an email at (preferred), call me at 520-869-3556, or look us up on our Facebook page: “World of Darkness, Vampire: The Requiem (Tucson, AZ)”

The Danse Macabre

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