The Danse Macabre


The campaign begins with a tightly controlled destiny of the players, casting them into the role of desperate victims in the hands of powerful, malevolent creatures who trifle with lesser beings for their debauched amusement.

The date is April 4, 1444. It is a time of chaos and death. Act I (our first sitting) began with the characters preparing for a banquet given by the powerful and feared nobleman, Lord Giovanni. Each character received an exclusive invitation to a lavish dinner far above their station, and they assemble at a nearby inn to await a carriage to the Giovanni manse. The chosen later met their hosts, who were actually the elders of the vampire clans and conspirators against Giovanni’s elder brother, Cappadocius. Each elder took a personal interest in one of the members of the dinner party, and got to know their human meals. The players’ experiences were not pleasant ones for their characters. Their delightful time turned ugly as their initially genteel and polite hosts quickly became vicious. After a harrowing and traumatic experience, the characters were told (in lurid detail) they were to be sacrificed to the unwholesome appetites of their hosts – They were selected for having blood of exquisite taste and quality.

But before the characters were completely drained and killed, in a particularly dramatic fashion, the Giovanni manse is attacked by the Founders (a large number of Kindred who seek to unify the clans, and exterminate conspirators like the ones gathered at the Giovanni manse). To defend themselves, Giovanni and his coterie Embraced the sacrificial lambs, leaving the players to stave off the attack and buy the coterie more time to flee from the Founder’s army. After the Founders breached the manse, the characters surrendered to their mercy, and were brought to their castle for interrogation.

Act II (next week’s game) will briefly start right where we left off – a brutal interrogation that forces the characters to justify their continued existence to the Founders, who are eager to destroy them. If they survive, we have already preemptively determined as a group, that the characters will enter a state of torpor (a coma like state that Kindred have named for slumber/hibernation) for approximately 566 years, and awaken in the year 2010.

Act II gives the players much more control over their character’s actions and how they proceed through the nWoD. See you all next week! If you couldn’t make it to the game this week, you’re still more than welcome to jump into the game next Sunday!


Krish_Sarkar Krish_Sarkar

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