The Danse Macabre


After surrendering to the Founders, the characters were brought to and held inside the barn, across the way from the Inn they all met at the day before. Tonight, however, it contained some new furniture – the wall was lined with some creative torture devices.

It quickly became obvious to the characters that torture was imminent, no matter what they said, or explained.

One of the captives is tied down, and has a reverse clamp shoved into her mouth, placed firmly against her upper and lower teeth. As it cranked, the device expands, becoming increasingly wider and wider, until it dislocates the jaw from the skull, audibly tearing it from the skin, muscle and cartilage that held it.

Another captive’s head was placed in a vice that slowly constricts, first fracturing the skull, then audibly cracking it, until it collapses completely beneath the force.

While being tortured, Jonathan (one of the few surviving ranks of the Conspirators) suddenly appears with a small cohort, who rescue the captives, in hopes of finding other survivors from the manse.

Unfortunately, he discovers that the Conspirators numbers were devastated from the attack on the Manse, and all that’s left is Jonathan’s cohort… and the recently Embraced entrées… numbers he will need to escape, and potentially depend on for long-term survival.

After the dramatic battle, where the characters discovered their new powers, the players retreat to a safe haven, where the last surviving Elder of the Conspirators awaits their return.

The safe haven is hidden through a small entrance into a deep cave that leads to a “bottomless pit” contained beneath the dark waters of an underground lake. In that lake, hundreds of yards beneath the water’s surface, chambers for torpor have been developed. Waiting at the lake’s edge, was the only Elder left of the Conspirators, who explains the necessity of escaping into the future to avoid the imminent vampiric genocide, and assists the party in entering Torpor and through the Fog of Ages.

[This was a plot train to get the characters into modern day – a time period preferred by vote]

One by one, the characters wake from torpor 566 years into the future. The year is 2010. The cave is not as it was in 1444. There are handrails, and man-made paths. A plaque hangs on the wall, detailing the history of the cave.

People and music can be heard from the distance. The vast wilderness that was left behind was replaced by a bustling cityscape.

Something inside the characters screamed for sustenance on a deeper level than they have ever known, and yet no food imaginable sounded at all appetizing. As they struggle with this feeling, 8 people could be heard approaching. The inexperienced vampires attacked the group with savagery, sating their appetites for the first time with the blood of young, college students.


Krish_Sarkar Krish_Sarkar

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